• • Country: Kingdom of Bahrain
  • • Employees: 100
  • • End users: 3,000 customers

Increased Security and Reliability

Kalaam Telecom was the first alternative and fully-licensed telecommunications provider based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is now the second largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) for businesses. They offer advanced voice, internet, data, and other value-added services to business customers.

Why ISL Online

The remote desktop solution Kalaam Telecom was looking for had to meet two essential requirements: high reliability and high security.

“We were looking for a secure and highly reliable remote desktop solution that would allow us to store all of our recorded session data in the organisation,” said Hasan Al-Hayki, Head of Operations, Kalaam Telecom.

ISL Online’s live chat application also allows Kalaam Telecom to stay in contact with their clients. “Sometimes our clients are unable to reach our contact centre over the telephone. In this case, the client is able to contact us with a simple click on the chat button on our website. Our clients are very pleased to have an option to reach us via multiple channels,” said Al-Hayki.

Full Control, Increased Productivity

With the help of the ISL Online remote desktop solution we have been able to improve our already efficient customer service,” said Al-Hayki.

Key benefits that Kalaam Telecom has experienced since implementing ISL Online:

  • • High reliability and maximum security
  • • Multiple functionalities
  • • Full independence and control over the system
  • • One remote support software solution for all employees
  • • Multiple-platform support
  • • Option to record all sessions
  • • Increase in productivity
  • • Guaranteed safety and privacy of the clients`data