• • Country: United Kingdom
  • • Employees: 5,500 employees
  • • End users: 1,000

Confidence in Security, Flexibility and Compatibility

The Salvation Army – a UK-based charity – needed remote desktop software with maximum security and reliability, compatibility with Apple devices and a user friendly interface.

Before switching to ISL Online, the charity’s UK employees had been using another remote desktop solution, which fell short of the organisation`s high expectations. They found it counterintuitive and difficult to use, the users frequently encountered lockups and often reported losing control over the software.

With large numbers of employees and vendors needing technical support assistance each day, the Salvation Army UK picked ISL Online's cloud solution. The decision to switch followed a recommendation from satisfied ISL Online customers. “The practical and user friendly interface impressed us greatly,” said Martin Jebb, Head of Technical Services at the Salvation Army UK.

Why ISL Online

Optimised support time and more efficient workflow have followed the Salvation Army’s decision to switch to ISL Online as the standard remote desktop support tool for all the employees and vendors across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

“Remote vendors have commented on how much faster and easier it is to use ISL Online remote support tool, rather than our former solution,” said Jebb.

Since switching to ISL Online, the Salvation Army UK has seen:

  • • Improved performance of the vendors
  • • Well-documented remote desktop session recordings
  • • One software solution for all support staff
  • • Fast, intuitive, advanced and reliable remote desktop tool
  • • Faster response time and costs optimisation
  • Scalable and Flexible

    ISL Online is the perfect solution for the Salvation Army UK as it is designed for corporations with frequent demands for remote support and offers a scalable service.

    This is important for an ever growing need to support more and more end points in the Salvation Army UK. It includes remote support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing software. With 10 licences, it offers the Salvation Army UK rights to host 10 simultaneous sessions and an unlimited number of workstations, operators and clients.

    “Currently we are using ISL light mainly with the 3rd line support team to facilitate remote vendor access, but we are encouraging our 1st line support to use it more often. In addition, we will soon be implementing the Live chat,” said Jebb.

    “One of the most important features is definitely the ability to offer remote assistance to users with Apple computers, also very useful for support purposes is recording sessions and file transfer. Furthermore, saving on desk side visits and the ability to allow remote vendors access to servers, are also significant features we want our remote desktop solution to have.”

    Confidence in Security

    The Salvation Army UK needed a solution that would give them access to the computers that are not included in the corporate network in a limited and managed way. ISL Online was able to offer them a solution that meets their high security and reliability standards.

    “We mostly use ISL Online to bring outside vendors onto servers that they manage in a controlled manner, enabling them to take control of the systems, perform upgrades and fix the issues. In addition, we are planning on starting to use Live Chat,” said Jebb.