Life Insurance

Key Facts

  • • Country: Japan
  • • Employees: 70,714
  • • Number of clients: 15 Million


Extend digital transformation across sales operations


ISL Online Remote Desktop

Managed Private Cloud


4x increase in sales-client consultations


Nissay Life Insurance's strategic adoption of ISL Online's screen-sharing technology marks a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey. By effectively integrating digital tools into their operations, Nissay has enhanced their efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. This case study exemplifies how embracing innovative technologies can lead to substantial business improvements and maintain a customer-first approach in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Japan's Largest Insurer

Nippon Life Insurance Company also known as Nissay is the largest Japanese life insurance company by revenue. The company was founded in 1889 and is headquartered in Osaka. It serves over 15 million clients and has more than 70,000 employees.

15 million clients

15 Million Clients

€587 billion total assets

€587 Billion Total Assets

70,714 employees

70,714 Employees

Nissay Quadruples Customer Engagement with ISL Online

Nissay significantly advanced its digital transformation by implementing ISL Online's screen-sharing software. This strategic move pioneered the shift to remote sales, enabling secure, efficient, and customer-centric online interactions. The adoption of ISL Online's remote desktop software transformed Nissay's traditional face-to-face sales approach into dynamic, paperless, and remote operations, resulting in a fourfold increase in customer consultations.

From face to face
fourfold increase
Mr. Yugo Eguchi

Customers tend to prefer using instant messengers over phone calls. The introduction of smartphones and the promotion of digital transformation are among the methods to meet customer needs.

Mr. Yugo Eguchi, Section Manager in the New Activity Promotion Office, Nissay

Mass Deployment to Over 50,000 Sales Personnel

To address the need for efficient digital solutions in sales, Nissay deployed ISL Online's remote desktop software across its vast sales department, which involves 50,000 insurance agents. The use of ISL Online's Managed Private Cloud ensures that the highest security standards required by financial institutions are achieved.

Managed Private Cloud
An insurance agent shares their screen with a customer, who can see everything the agent is sharing in real-time on their mobile device. The data is transferred via a secure ISL Online Managed Private Cloud.

Quantifiable Benefits of Screen Sharing on Sales Efficiency

  • 4x Increase in Customer Interviews
  • Expanded Reach
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Travel Time
  • Lower Costs
  • Faster Decision-Making
  • Enhanced Opportunities for Creative Interactions
  • Prompt Access to Digital Documents
  • Reduced Need for Printing

Customization Improves Usability

Continuous feedback among Nissay's staff, OceanBridge, the local partner of ISL Online in Japan, and ISL Online HQ has led to several customizations, improving usability based on real-world use.

Ms. Kazuyo Seino

We made specific requests, such as resizing buttons for better mobile accessibility and modifying Voice Call and Screen Annotation features. OceanBridge's and ISL Online's responsiveness to these customizations has significantly eased the adoption process.

Ms. Kazuyo Seino, Sales Division Base Management, Nissay Shibuya Branch

Successful Partnership with a Japanese Distributor Since 2007

ISL Online (XLAB) has established itself as a premier provider of remote desktop services in Japan through a successful partnership with the Tokyo-based authorized distributor, OceanBridge Inc. Together, they provide secure remote desktop solutions to prominent firms, including Nissay, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Santec Corporation, Fujitsu, Canon, Rakuten, and more than 2,500 other Japanese companies.

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Mr. Yugo Eguchi

Despite the tight timeline from the decision to the full-scale launch of the screen sharing feature, and the complexities of using a private cloud, we successfully implemented it with the collaboration of OceanBridge and ISL Online.

Mr. Yugo Eguchi, Section Manager in the New Activity Promotion Office, Nissay

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