Health care

Key Facts

  • • Country: Slovenia
  • • Employees: 8,000
  • • 100 registered supporters
  • • 2,000 computers
  • • 80% of all technical issues solved by ISL Light

Improving the efficiency of tech support for health professionals

With approximately 8,000 employees, the Ljubljana University Medical Centre (UMCL) is the largest health care provider in Slovenia. Due to their outstanding achievements in the field of health care, the UMCL is easily comparable to some of the most renowned institutions in Europe and worldwide.

In pursuing their mission to ensure their patients high-quality care and promote the development of health care services in Slovenia, the UMCL faced a challenge of an ever-growing number of computers and high-tech software the employees were using on a daily basis. These conditions required a support team to be as efficient as possible to help health professionals and other employees with technical issues instantly.

UMCL tested a couple of industry mainstream remote desktop solutions and chose ISL Online to be the remote support tool that responds best to their needs. With the ISL Online Corporate Server Licence installed on the UMCL`s own servers, they are now able to satisfy strict security requirements, enjoy privacy and full independence.

Why ISL Online

Guaranteed safety and privacy of the patients’ data

Security was the major reason the UMCL chose ISL Online. The most important feature that the UMCL had been looking for and was not ready to compromise on was the ability to store all of the session data on their local server (on-premises). This feature was especially important to the UMCL management due to the sensitive nature of the data their hospital deals with. This challenge was successfully resolved with the implementation of ISL Online remote software, which was installed on the hospital`s own servers to assure the highest level of data privacy and security. To meet high security standards requested by the UMCL, all sessions running between their technical support and health professionals are encrypted by means of top industry-standard security technology AES 256 Bit end-to-end encryption.

Cross-Platform All in One Solution

The second reason for choosing ISL Online was the “All in One” offer, which included Remote Support, Remote Access, Live Chat and Web Conference. ISL Online solutions are user-friendly, reliable and work fast on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile).

ISL Online installed on 2,000 computers

The third reason was the ISL Online’s fair pricing policy, which meant a yearly charge, including all of the updates, 24/7 technical support and free mobile applications. Since the UMCL has approximately 2,000 computers, they really appreciated the fact that ISL Online does not limit the number of installations.

For the support team to be more productive and to be able to remotely access the computers of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals and administrative workers, the UMCL needed to centralise its system. Therefore, they had ISL Online software installed on about 2,000 computers within the hospital.


Being a satisfied user, the UMCL reports of various benefits:

  • Fast, intuitive, advanced and reliable remote desktop tool
  • One remote support software solution for all employees
  • High performance
  • Many functionalities
  • Well-documented chat and remote desktop session recordings
  • Ability to have a private network
  • Full independence and control over the system
  • Guaranteed safety and privacy of the patient data
  • Time savings and costs optimisation
  • Ability to successfully resolve 75% to 80% of all technical issues
  • Immense increase in productivity

Plans for the future are to encourage the UMCL employees to start using free ISL Online mobile applications for the support team to be able to access their remote mobile devices or computers via mobile device.