Public Transportation

Key Facts

  • • Regions: Colombia
  • • Employees: 306
  • • Users: Helping 2 million people to commute every day
  • • Main request: Reduce response times in support and produce session audit trails
  • • Biggest benefit: Resolving incidents in less than 2 minutes

TransMilenio (3:29)

TransMilenio is the main transportation system in Bogota and Soacha. It has been operating for more than 21 years, transporting passengers to and from Bogota and helping tourists to visit the capital city of Columbia. It provides transportation services to more than 2 million people every day by using an intelligent card enabling you to travel from one point of the city of Bogota to another in 2.5 hours. TransMilenio offers transportation for all the passengers by bus or by cable car.

The Helpdesk Center of TransMilenio offers technical support to all the internal infrastructure and to all the employees of the company. Before using the ISL Online remote desktop software the majority of support was carried out at the location which created a lot of inefficiencies and bottlenecks to the Helpdesk Operators. The technical support team decided to find a remote support tool that would give them more flexibility and enable shortening of response times.

Consolidation of Remote Support Tool that fits to our Use Case

"With the rise of telework emerged also the necessity of reaching the team of employees in the remote manner - but we didn't have the adequate tool. The ones that we had at hand were only free versions but their usage was not allowed within the company due to the minimum security requirements. Upon the recommendation of our antivirus provider we got introduced to ISL Online. We have tried it, like it and we kept this solution," confirms Nelson Orlando Chauta, the Manager of database and corporate applications.

One of the most important features at TransMilenio is the ability to check all the connections established to any of the systems and teams of the entity. ISL Online enables automatic recording of all the remote sessions which keeps a complete track of all the auditing. "One of the features that I personally like is the recording possibility, because it enables us to provide evidence all the activities performed by the technicians during the support session in case there is any conflict with a user," Nelson comments.

We know how difficult it must be for a technician to offer technical support by using different remote support applications simultaneously. Some remote support tools don't provide compatibility with all the platforms. "Some feedback that I have received from the technicians of our helpdesk is that ISL Online is very easy to install, it is intuitive to use and compatible with all the platforms," says Añade Nelson.

Fulfillment of all the security policies

The rise of telework results also in the rise of security breaches due to the usage of remote Access technologies, such as RDP, VNC and free tools, that don't guarantee the adequate level of security and don't provide the control and the auditing of all the remote support connections. Therefore, the security department of the TransMilenio validates the remote support tool before any implementation.

"The security team performed the tests to validate that the remote desktop solution fulfills all the requirements of the security policies within the entity, and ISL Online absolutely passed all the tests" says Nelson.

Resolving the incidents in 2 minutes

The powerful features of ISL Online have helped the technicians of the TransMilenio Helpdesk to resolve any incident in a record time. "If we speak about metrics, ISL Online has helped us to improve the metrics of the response times significantly. Before we received an email from the persons who were working, reporting about various incidents. In that case we had to program a vehicle to reach their house. Now, with ISL Online, we receive a ticket and we resolve the problem in 2 minutes," comments Nelson.

The ideal remote support tool should facilitate a fast access to the remote systems, not regarding where is the user located, to solve the incident easily. When we talk about remote access, we should usually imagine huge distances. However, remote access to the teams of users, located in the same building, also helps to improve the response times. "We occupies five floors of the corporate building and our Helpdesk is located in the second floor. If we move between the floors we lose 1 or 2 minutes. With ISL Online we save all this precious time, and by the end of the day this translates in increased operation efficiency," summarizes Nelson.