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Key Facts

  • • Regions: Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa
  • • Employees: 41,600
  • • 80% of technical issues resolved through ISL Online

Optimising Customer Support

When the Konica Minolta team decided to switch to a single support system, they began looking for secure software they could trust. Before that, their specialists from different regions had different remote support software. This meant support procedures varied from country to country, as well as higher costs and worries about security.

After testing the market, the Konica Minolta European Headquarters chose ISL Online, leaving behind two other well-known providers. Konica Minolta was convinced by ISL Online’s multi-platform support, localisation in multiple languages, high security measures and easy deployment. Konica Minolta needed a solution that would fit into their multiple support team environment. The best option was the ISL Online Corporate Server Licence.

"The Corporate Licence does not limit the number of users, workstations or simultaneous active connections. This is of great importance as we can use the same remote support software for all supporters at all levels," said Joerg Sitzlack, System Manager at Konica Minolta.

"Each supporter has his/her own user account and can access ISL Online services from anywhere anytime."

Why ISL Online

Today, Konica Minolta has a standardised remote desktop support tool for all offices across Europe. Costs have come down and time has been saved on administration. And, from the users’ point of view, it provides the same look and feel for both supporters and clients.

ISL Online software, translated into 30 world languages, works well for the multilingual Konica Minolta support team. The team solves about 80% of all technical issues through ISL Light.

Operators from different European offices had been quick to adopt the new remote support tool and they reported more stable connections and less connectivity issues when trying to remotely access Windows, Mac or Linux computers compared to previous support tools. Last, but not least, the ISL Online support team has won Konica Minolta’s trust with their fast reaction time and highly efficient support.

“ISL Online provides a simple, branded website, a perfect starting point for most of our remote support sessions. Our clients from all across Europe can easily receive support provided by Konica Minolta's technicians by entering a session code online,” said Sitzlack.


Full Independence, Control of Security

Konica Minolta needed full independence and control over their system due to privacy and security requirements. So they selected ISL Online’s Private Cloud solution, which is self-hosted in Konica Minolta’s data centre in Germany. The private cloud combines all the benefits of cloud computing with a higher level of privacy, independence and scalability.

Konica Minolta is running the ISL Online system in their Private Cloud (three Corporate Server Licenses installed on three servers in their own data centre in Germany). By installing ISL Online on Konica Minolta’s servers, all remote connections are established through the corporate network, keeping all data such as user information or session history in a closed corporate environment. This has led to Konica Minolta’s full independence and control over the system and their data.

By connecting their three self-hosted servers together, they have achieved great performance, stability and robustness. In addition, ISL Online Private Cloud also provides a faster connection, almost 100% fault tolerance, active backup and a seamless continuation of the services in case one server crashes.

Since Konica Minolta has subsidiaries and distributors in several countries, centralised management of all users is of great importance. ISL Online supports external authentication through central directories such as Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, OpenLDAP or RADIUS.

ISL Online’s Private Cloud is connected with Konica Minolta’s user management system (Microsoft Active Directory), thus simplifying and improving user management across all subsidiaries and distributors.