Avast Business

Avast Business has integrated ISL Online's remote control software (Premium Remote Control) into Managed Workplace, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, to give Managed Services Providers (MSPs) the ability to easily access and control an unlimited number of unattended remote computers.


Avast Customization

ISL Online transformed its remote desktop software to fit into Managed Workplace perfectly and match Avast's design, branding and performance.

What has been done?

  • ISL Online logo, icons and images have been replaced by Avast ones
  • The colours have been changed to match the Avast design
  • The application name has been changed to Premium Remote Control
  • The "Sign-up" and "Forgot password" options have been removed from the Login window
  • The default install path has been adjusted to Avast branding
  • The computers tab has been hidden in the Dashboard
  • The VERYSILENT installation of remote access application on managed devices has been enabled
  • The one-click automatic connection to managed devices with a pre-set password has been activated
  • The computers tab has been hidden in the Dashboard
  • Text-chat with a remote user has been enabled

Avast's Partnership with ISL Online

ISL Online started the partnership in 2015 with AVG Technologies, which was acquired by Avast in 2016. These is how the partnership was announced back in 2015:

"The ability for my team to quickly understand and resolve issues without the delays of working across different systems, or the expense of purchasing new tools, makes a big difference in delivering fast and professional support," states Bob Ascherl, the Director of Managed Services, Advanced Technology Services in the public announcement.

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OEM Partnership

Instead of building from scratch, Avast decided to embed high-quality and rigorously tested ISL Online remote access and control solutions through an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement, re-branding them to Premium Remote Control.

Benefits of OEM

  • A simple upgrade of an existing solution
  • Complete customisation matching the design of a partner company
  • Fast implementation and a quick launch onto the market
  • Low investment in R&D
  • Proven technology with high security standards
  • New differentiated marketing advantages
  • Staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market

OEM Customisation Available for Large Enterprises

ISL Online offers the kind of customisation as it was done for Avast to other large organizations too. Please contact us for details!

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