Control Your Security and Privacy

Meet strict security requirements, plus enjoy privacy and full independence by installing ISL Online on your server(s). All remote connections are established exclusively through your server(s), keeping all data such as user information or session history in a closed corporate environment.

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Konica Minolta

The Corporate License does not limit the number of users, workstations or simultaneous active connections. This is of great importance as we can use the same remote support software for all supporters at all levels.

Joerg Sitzlack, System Manager
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

How ISL Online Integrates with Your System

ISL Online server uses ports 80, 443 or 7615, which means it does not require many changes in your network. You can configure it to work with many external services such as NTP, SMTP and LDAP. All desktop and mobile applications can work seamlessly hosted on your server(s).

Server Requirements

How It Works

Customisation Options to Fit Your Look

Customise the remote desktop software to fit into your corporate image. Adjust the software skin, texts and logo, and get a branded website for users.

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Join a Session

Authenticate Users with Active Directory, eDirectory, LDAP or RADIUS

The ISL Conference Proxy server allows you to manage users centrally, by using an external authentication system, such as Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, OpenLDAP or RADIUS.

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Installation and Configuration

To use a self-hosted remote desktop system you need to install and configure ISL Conference Proxy (ICP) on your server.

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Install the ISL Conference Proxy on a server in your company.



Configure the server to fit into your system, firewall and other security settings, add users and define their rights.


Connect to Any Device

Start connecting to remote computers and mobile devices.

Bind Multiple Servers into a Private Cloud

Particularly larger organisations might consider setting up at least two ISL Online servers and connecting them into a Private Cloud. Set up a high availability (HA) on-premise remote desktop system owned and fully controlled by you.

Private Cloud - Technical Overview
Private Cloud

Choose the Right Plan for You

Server License


5 licenses / lifetime

  • Medium businesses
  • 5 simultaneous sessions
  • Deployed on 1 server
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Corporate License


Per license / lifetime

  • Large businesses
  • Unlimited simultaneous sessions
  • Deployed on 1 server
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Private Cloud

High Availability (HA)

  • Redundant system
  • Unlimited simultaneous sessions
  • Any number of servers
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Konica Minolta Story

Konica Minolta is hosting the ISL Online system on the Private Cloud which consists of three Corporate Licenses running on three servers in Konica Minolta's data centre in Germany. Their private cloud combines all the benefits of cloud computing with a higher level of privacy, independence and scalability.

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