Choose Your ISL Online License.

License includes remote support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing software.

    • Pay Per Use
      Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • $145 per 500 minutes i
    • Upgrades & Updates Free
    • Subscription
      Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • $469 per license / year i
    • Upgrades & Updates Free
    • Multisession i$139 per license / year
    • Server License
      Own Server Required
    • $990 per license / lifetime i
    • Upgrades & Updates 15% per year
    • Multisession i Free

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What Do I Get with ONE License?

One license allows you to use all four ISL Online products.

  1. Remote Support
  2. Remote Access
  3. Live Chat
  4. Web Conference
  1. You may run ISL Online software on UNLIMITED number of computers or mobile devices.
  2. You may connect to UNLIMITED number of computers.
  3. You can create UNLIMITED number of operators which may host a session.
  4. You may connect to UNLIMITED number of clients.

Okay, But What's the LIMIT of ONE License?

  1. N° of Licenses
    N° of Simultaneous Sessions
  2. You can start N° of remote desktop OR N° of web conference sessions (10*N° participants) at the SAME time.
    Live chat is NOT LIMITED by number of licenses.
  3. With multisession option activated you can start UNLIMITED simultaneous sessions from the SAME computer.

The ISL Online license is priced per simultaneous session. Live chat is not limited by number of licenses. You can start remote desktop and web conference sessions at the same time from the same or different computers as long as you don't exceed the number of your purchased licenses.

License Comparison

  Pay Per Use Subscription Server License
All in One i
Number of Simultaneous Sessions i Unlimited N° of Licenses N° of Licenses
Multisession i
$139 per license / year
Unlimited Licensed Workstations i
Connect to Unlimited Workstations i
Create Unlimited Operators i
Support Unlimited Clients i
Availability Weekdays (08:00 - 22:00 CET, except 1/Jan, 1/May, 25/Dec)
Premium Support 24 x 7 x 365 Not Available $139 per license / year $139 per license / year
Online Live Chat Support
User Manuals
Video Tutorials
Updates and Upgrades
15% per year
Remote Desktop Features
Fast Remote Support
Unattended Remote Access
Screen Sharing
Remote Reboot and Reconnect
Session Transfer
File Transfer
Unlimited File Sharing
Remote System Information
Chat, VoIP Audio, Video Conference
Multi-Monitor Support
Whiteboard Annotations
Wake on LAN
Remote Printing
Session Recording (Export to AVI)
Multiple Language Support
Mobile Apps
Cross-Platform Remote Desktop
Live Chat Features
Add Live Chat to Any Website
Real-Time Customer Support
Enterprise Instant Messaging
Visitor to Operator Chat
Operator to Operator Chat
HTML / AJAX Client
Operator Presence Status
Canned Responses
Chat Transfer
Chat Statistics
Chat Transcript
Chat History
Page Push
File Transfer
IP Geolocation
Private Messages
Customer Engagement
Screen Sharing
Multiple Language Support
Cross-Platform Live Chat
Web Conferencing Features
Meet Online to Share Ideas
Webinar for Large Audience
Screen Sharing
Import and Export PowerPoint Presentation
Chat, VoIP Audio, Video Conference
Session Recording (Export to AVI)
File sharing
Whiteboard Annotations
Online Training, Sales, Presentations
Save on Travel Time and Costs
Encourage Efficient Teamwork
Multiple Language Support
Mobile Apps
Cross-Platform Web Conferencing

For Corporate Users

  1. Premium Support

    Available 24/7/365 to users with 10+ licenses.


    per license / year
  2. Limited to 25 simultaneous sessions. By signing this agreement you will be able to use unlimited number of simultanous sessions.


    per lifetime
  3. ISL Online Private Box

    Remote Desktop Appliance. 1U Rack-Mountable IBM Server with a CSL.


    per appliance
  4. Private Cloud

    Set up several servers into a private cloud.

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