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User Management

If you have more than one user on your ISL Online account, our user management features will help you manage your team efficiently. Learn how to create users, set permissions, share computers with selected users, and manage license usage.

You can invite and create an unlimited number of new users (operators) within one ISL Online license. You can create users manually or you can integrate the ISL Online software with external security providers (server license).

Manage your users in your ISL Online web account under the "Users" tab. All the names, usernames, and emails of everyone who has access to your ISL Online account are listed here. Here you can revoke access, change users' passwords, edit permissions for each user, resend or cancel invitation emails, disable or delete users.

Server license users follow this link for User management guidelines.

Note: The number of operators under one account is unlimited. "One license" may be shared by any number of IT professionals or helpdesk technicians within your organisation and can be used on any device. One license allows one simultaneous connection. With three licenses you can have three simultaneous connections. This means, a license will be taken up when one of the users starts a remote session. When the session ends, the license will be released and can be used by a different user. The account manager has the possibility to survey all active sessions and terminate them if needed.

Create Operators

Add new users to your account in the "Users" tab. Each newly added user will receive an email notification with their own authentication details. If you want to delete an individual user, go to the "Users" tab, find them in your list and click "Delete user".

Create Operators

Share Computer Group

Share groups with operators to give them remote access to the computers inside the group.

ISL Online user accounts have three levels for shared computers:

  • Connect Only
  • Computers Manager
  • Group Admin

Connect Only

If the permission for a user is set to "Connect Only", they can connect to computers inside of group and execute actions such as getting system information, etc.

Computers Manager

If the permission for a user is set to "Computers Manager", they have the same permissions as the "Connect Only" users, however they can edit and delete computers and execute actions on them.

Group Admin

If the permission for a user is set to "Group Admin", they have the same permissions as the "Computers Manager" users, however they can give and change the permissions of other users. Each group has to have at least one "Group Admin". The user that creates the group is assigned a role of "Group Admin" and he can not be demoted.

Share Computer Group

Change Owner

Transfer ownership of a remote computer to another user to allow them to manage the computer. The owner of a computer can move, edit, or delete the remote computer.

Change Owner

Set Limitations

Enable or disable the use of certain features of ISL Light for individual users in your ISL Online account in the "Users" tab. For example, you can apply the following restrictions:

  • Account (enable/disable the user account)
  • Max active sessions (set the maximum number of active sessions)
  • Desktop sharing (enable/disable desktop sharing)
  • File transfer (enable/disable the file transfer)
  • Port Forward
  • ISL Light IP/MAC filter (set IP/MAC filters for connection)
  • etc.
Set Limitations

Manage License Usage

View ongoing sessions under the "License" tab and have control over your license usage. Terminate active sessions from your account.

Manage License Usage

External Authentication (Server License)

ISL Online integrates with external user directories such as Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, LDAP, RADIUS or SAML 2.0 and allows simple and secure user management.

Note: External authentication is available only for Server License and Managed Private Cloud users.

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