Feature-rich but Simple
Feature-rich but Simple
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Remote Support
Unlimited Unattended Access
Unlimited Chat Support
2 Factor Authentication
Self-Hosted Server
Mobile Support
Remote Reboot/Reconnect
Safe Mode Support
File Transfer
Session Recording
Wake on Lan
Price $469 $1068 $1995

Why Pay For What You Don’t Need?

What does your team need to perform? If it’s secure and reliable software that functions across platforms and devices, is intuitive for your people and clients to use, allows you to reach them at the moment when they most need help, and offers the essential tools you need to do so, look no further than ISL Online. All the rest is just window dressing that your accounting department is going to ask you to explain.

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iOS Mobile

Unlimited Access On a Limited Budget

Tech support issues don’t always happen during normal business hours. How often has your team had to remotely access unattended computers to rectify a situation? With ISL Online, your team gets unlimited unattended access. Just install a remote access agent on any Windows or Mac computer or server, then securely connect and manage it anytime. Access to all the devices you need to reach 24/7. And did we mention unlimited chat support as well? Neither of those features are an add-on or an upgrade; they are standard with ISL Online.

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Cross-version Connectivity

Security You Can Trust at a Price You Can Afford

You don’t need to read too far in today’s headlines to realize how vital security is for organizations of any size. In today’s chaotic world, your team needs security features they can trust. That’s why ISL Online has two-factor authentication in addition to all the other security features you’d expect. Because an extra layer of protection at no additional cost is always a smart decision.

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Self-Hosted Server
Konica Minolta

ISL Online’s solution cut Teleroute’s annual costs by 45% and addressed its needs: remote desktop support, remote access to unattended computers, live chat and enterprise instant messenger, and facilities for online meetings and webinars. To fully integrate their products with Teleroute’s uniform corporate identity, ISL Online support team personalized the products’ skin and default texts.

Raimundo Diaz, CEO, Teleroute

Whatever Your Device, We’ve Got You Covered

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Konica Minolta Story

Konica Minolta is hosting the ISL Online system on the Private Cloud which consists of three Corporate Licenses running on three servers in Konica Minolta's data centre in Germany. Their private cloud combines all the benefits of cloud computing with a higher level of privacy, independence and scalability.

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Konica Minolta
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