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Administration and Audit Managementlink

Gain a comprehensive overview of computer groups, users, and user groups. Monitor events within the Administration pages using the Audit feature. Easily configure settings at both the domain and user level for seamless administration.

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Connect via RDP with ISL Onlinelink

Route Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol through a secure ISL Online tunnel and connect to unattended computers over the Internet using your RDP access. With Remote Desktop Tunneling, only one computer needs ISL AlwaysOn installed and you can still connect to other computers within the internal network via RDP or SSH - all without any VPN tunneling or firewall changes!

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Access & Control

Set up permanent access by installing a remote access agent on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer and setting up an access password. You can set unattended access on an unlimited number of computers.

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Desktop Features

Discover an array of powerful features in the top bar once you connect to a remote computer. Maximize your experience with ISL Online as you explore the extensive list of tools designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your remote sessions.

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Administrative Mode

ISL Online administrative mode allows seamless interaction with the Windows UAC on a remote computer and provides easy access to any computer with admin rights. By default, ISL Light doesn’t need admin permissions to run. However, if you want to perform some extensive support commands you will need to elevate permissions.

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Security & Privacy

We understand that information security is of utmost importance to you when it comes to establishing remote desktop connections. We apply industry-standard security technologies to protect your data and comply with the strictest security standards.

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Manage Multiple Monitorslink

Display all remote monitors on a single screen, or view each monitor in a distinct window while controlling a remote computer. Toggle between remote monitors or drag and drop files from one monitor to another.

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Manage Multiple Monitors

Transfer Files Securelylink

Transfer files quickly and securely between computers during a remote desktop session. A dual-panel File Manager allows fast navigation and enables you to manage files and folders on the local and remote computers quickly and efficiently.

Manage Multiple Monitors

Support with Custom Looklink

Add your branding and customise ISL Online to match your workflow.

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Help Clients Faster than Ever

Features Listlink

Ways to Connectlink

Desktop Applink
To connect to computers and provide remote support, download ISL Light and start a session. To receive remote support from a technician, download ISL Light Client and enter a session code.
Direct your client to the where they can enter the session code to join your remote support session.
Set Unattended Accesslink
Set up permanent access by installing a remote access agent on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer and setting up an access password. Securely connect and manage any server or remote computer from your list or exchange files.
Remote Support via Live Chatlink
Provide technical support to your website visitors via live chat. Start a remote support session with a single click.
Mobile Deviceslink
Ask your client to install the ISL Light app on their mobile device to join your remote support session.
Connect via RDP/SSHlink
Seamlessly route Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH) sessions between your local computer and unattended computers running in the remote network without using a VPN or making any firewall changes.
Connect Boxlink
Add a textbox to your website to let your clients join a remote support session directly from there.
"Download ISL Light" Buttonlink
Simply add a remote support button to your website and link it to
Branded Access Pointlink
Let your clients join remote support sessions from a custom webpage with your logo, links and colours.

Remote Desktop link

View and Control Remote Desktoplink
View the screen of a remote Windows, Mac or Linux computer and control its desktop to provide fast and efficient remote support.
Share my Screenlink
Switch between sharing your own screen with a client during a remote support session and viewing their remote desktop.
Pause a Sessionlink
Pause a remote support session and resume it later instantly. During the pause your client can work on their computer without interruptions.
Invite an Operatorlink
Invite another technician to your session to collaborate on an issue on a remote computer.
Transfer Remote Sessionlink
Transfer your session to your colleague operator and let them conclude the session.
Switch Between Sessionslink
The beauty of remote desktop is you can help more clients simultaneously by switching between remote sessions easily.
Set Unattended Access in Sessionlink
Install the remote access agent on your client’s computer during an already established remote support session. It’s a very efficient way of setting up unattended access.
Select Region
Choose to see only a specific part of your client’s desktop.
Restart and Reconnectlink
Restart a remote computer after you install new software and resume the existing remote support session without interruption.
Record a Sessionlink
Record a remote desktop session for training or security purposes.
File Managerlink
A dual-panel File Manager allows fast navigation and enables you to manage files and folders on the local and remote computers quickly and efficiently.
Transfer Fileslink
Transfer files during a session from one computer to another.
File Transfer Statuslink
View and manage file transfers. Check the status of a transfer, limit download speed or pause a transfer.
Make a Video Calllink
Start a video call with your client to make support more personal and effective.
Start a Chatlink
Start a live chat during a session to get in touch with your client and exchange additional information.
Support Multiple Monitorslink
While controlling a remote computer, choose to display all remote monitors in a single window or separate each monitor by displaying them in different windows. Toggle between remote monitors, or drag and drop files from one monitor to another.
Whiteboard Toolslink
Use whiteboard tools to explain yourself better with a client.
View Optionslink
Choose between different viewing options to get the best work experience.
Colour Depthlink
Set the optimal colour depth for you. Quickly switch between "Quality Optimized" and "Speed Optimized" options or choose from several detailed pre-settings.
Copy-Paste to a Remote Computerlink
Clipboard is enabled by default in an ISL Light session. Copy what you need on your computer and paste on a remote one.
Use Keyboard Commandslink
Use popular keyboard commands, such as Ctrl+Alt+Del, during a session.
View System Infolink
Get a nice visual presentation of essential system information or generate a detailed report.
Force Black Screen (Curtain Mode)link
Temporarily activate black screen with one click to hide sensitive information.
Toolbar Positionlink
Move the toolbar in the remote support window to a position that suits you best.
End of Session Noteslink
Add notes at the end of a session to recall the details of the session at a later date.

Unattended Accesslink

Connect Optionslink
Connect to a remote computer with default settings or check several options to tailor your remote desktop session to your requirements.
Create Computer Groupslink
Create different groups (e.g. Home, Office, etc.) and add your remote computers in the appropriate groups.
Share Computer Groupslink
Share groups with operators to give them remote access to the computers inside the group.
Search Computers by Tagslink
Add multiple tags to each computer. This will help you find computers with a particular tag.
Search by IP Addresslink
Type an IP address in the search box and find the computer you need to access.
Save Computer Shortcutlink
Save a computer you often access to your desktop or pin it to your taskbar and save time.
Wake Up a Computerlink
Set up the Wake On LAN feature if you wish to wake up a computer remotely.
File Sharinglink
Add files or folders to an ISL AlwaysOn public folder and access them from any computer.
Default Tab on Your Dashboardlink
If you often access unattended computers, set the unattended access (“Computers”) tab to appear by default on your dashboard.
Upgrade ISL AlwaysOnlink
Push an upgrade for ISL AlwaysOn on an unattended computer to access the newest features.
Access Passwordlink
Configure an access password for your computer so users can securely connect to the computers, and access the settings.
Change Access Passwordlink
Change the access password to a remote computer at any time to maintain your security levels.
One Time Passwordslink
Generate one-time passwords when you wish for a guest user to have access to the computer for only one occasion.
Email Notificationslink
Receive an email notification each time a remote access session starts on a specific computer.
Local User Consentlink
Set notification of an incoming remote access connection for your clients. Instead of using an access password and starting a session on your own, allow your clients to accept a remote desktop connection by themselves.
Auto-Lock on Startlink
Configure the computer to lock automatically once the remote access session is established and/or disconnected.
Automatic Session Recordinglink
Configure automatic session recording as an additional security measure or to avoid potential disputes.
Enable Access Filterslink
Create allow and deny lists to restrict the access to a computer based on the IP and/or MAC address.
Computer Access Historylink
Search connections that have been established within your account, desktop connection timestamps, and other useful information.


AES 256-bit End-to-End Encryptionlink
Industry-standard AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption protects the data traveling between the operator and the client.
RSA 2048/4096-bit, ECDSA P-256 with Diffie-Hellman Key Exchangelink
We apply industry-standard security technologies to protect your data and comply with the strictest security standards.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)link
Enable two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security.
Code Signinglink
ISL Online applications are digitally signed by means of a Code Signing certificate, which reliably identifies ISL Online as the software publisher.
Port Filteringlink
Unless a stricter firewall policy is applied, ISL Online works with your existing firewall and does not require any additional configuration. Standard connection automatically initiates outgoing connections via TCP ports 7615, 80, or 443. When direct connection is available, connections require UDP/TCP ports used by STUN/TURN servers and arbitrary high ports for relay connections.
ISO 27001:2022 Certification (Information Security Management)link
ISL Online Headquarters (XLAB) holds the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certificate which proves our commitment to information security.
Administration Managementlink
With ISL Online, the account admin can assign its domain users different rights and permissions, including allowing or disabling access to specific computers.
Allow / Deny listslink
Prevent any misuse of remote desktop software in your company by creating allow and deny lists, which restrict the use of ISL Online software within your organisation.
Features Customisationlink
ISL Online allows you to tweak the security settings to your needs in order to adhere to distinct security standards of your company.
External Security Audits and Penetration Testinglink
Independent security audits and penetration tests of the ISL Online system conducted on a regular basis reveal that ISL Online is a trustworthy service providing a very high level of security.
Function Transparency (No Stealth Mode)link
ISL Online is designed to provide remote support to clients over the Internet, but only upon the client’s explicit request. The client allows an operator to start desktop sharing and can terminate the session anytime.
Strong Passwordslink
The security of your data depends on the strength of your password. By default, ISL Online users have to follow the latest NIST specifications. These specifications can be customised to your requirements.
Brute Force Intrusion Protectionlink
ISL Online servers prevent brute force intrusion (login) attempts by limiting the maximum number of failed login attempts for a user or for a specific address in the defined period of time.
Intranet (LAN-only) Optionlink
If you plan to use ISL Online within your LAN (intranet) only, there is no need for a public IP address. You only need a private address in the range of private networks (as specified in RFC 1918).
Incident Management System (IMS)link
We use Incident Management System (IMS), a set of procedures developed by ISL Online, to mitigate any reported incidents.
Data Centreslink
ISL Online servers (Public Cloud) are hosted by professional data centres all over the globe. We only choose highly reliable and industry-proven data centres with modern facilities and equipment. The data transferred between operators and clients during remote desktop sessions is NOT stored on ISL Online servers.
Reverse Proxy Supportlink
ISL Online allows you to install the server behind a reverse proxy, without exposing it directly to the internet.


View Reportslink
Use reports to get the picture of your remote support activity. Make data-driven decisions to optimise your support flow.
Track all activity to keep a high level of traceability. Logs will assist you with any incident management that may be required. Logging can be customised to report actions or errors that are important for you.

User Managementlink

Create Unlimited Operatorslink
With only one license, create an unlimited number of users and give them access to the remote desktop software.
Set Permissionslink
Set detailed user permissions for each user individually or create domains and apply domain-specific rules to all the users in a domain.
Change Owner of a Computerlink
Transfer ownership of a remote computer another user in order to allow them to manage it. The owner of a computer is able to move, edit or delete the remote computer.
Manage License Usagelink
View ongoing sessions and have control over your license usage. Terminate active sessions from your account.
External Authenticationlink
ISL Online integrates with external user directories such as Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, LDAP, RADIUS or SAML 2.0 and allows simple and secure user management.


Change Logo and Colourslink
Add your branding and customise ISL Online to match your workflow.
WebAPI2 allows you to integrate ISL Online into your third-party services, or create your own scripts and work with data related to your ISL Online usage.
Select Languagelink
ISL Light comes in many languages. Set your default language for desk and client application.
Advanced Customisationlink
ISL Online offers a rich variety of customisation options. You can transform your layouts and workflows and tweak security settings to perfectly fit into your existing systems and match your corporate brand style guides.