Remote Support for Windows 10 Mobile

Connect from your computer to Windows 10 Mobile phones and tablets remotely.

Windows 10 Mobile

Provide Remote Support to Windows 10 Mobile

Remote Support Windows 10 Mobile

Start a session

Start a Session

Operator runs ISL Light for Windows, Mac or Linux to start a new session on a desktop computer.

Download ISL Light Client app

Download ISL Light Client app

Client runs ISL Light Client app on their Windows 10 Mobile device and joins a session by using the unique session code.

Download ISL Light Client app

Control Mobile Device

Operator remotely controls the client's Windows 10 Mobile device.

Navigation Buttons

Use physical keys and on-screen navigation buttons.

  • Back
  • Windows
  • Search
Navigation buttons


  • Securely access any Windows 10 Mobile device via WiFi/3G/LTE.
  • View the screen of a remote Windows 10 Mobile device in real-time.
  • Retrieve remote system information (CPU, RAM, battery, etc.).
  • Text-chat with a remote user.
  • Record a remote support session.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues at customer's site.
  • AES 256-Bit end-to-end encryption.