Video Tutorials

Basic Features

Basic Features (2:51)

Ways to Connect

Ways to Connect (3:37)

Ways to Connect

Connect via RDP/SSH (5:16)

Remote Desktop Features

Remote Desktop Features (English Only) (5:09)

Set Up Remote Access

Set Up Remote Access (4:19)

File Manager

File Manager (2:03)

Remote Access Features

Remote Access Features (6:06)

Admin Rights

iOS Screen Sharing (2:00)

Admin Rights

Admin Rights (2:34)

Live Chat

Live Chat Software (3:34)

User Management

User Management (4:15)

Install Server License

Install Server License (4:44)

Server License Overview

Server License Overview (2:55)

Update Server License

Update Server License (2:02)

Clips and Tricks

Ways to Connect

Connect with ISL Light

Connect with ISL Light (0:24)

Connect via Website

Connect via Website (0:39)

Connect to Mobile

Connect to Mobile (0:48)

Support via Live Chat

Support via Live Chat (0:47)

Connect Box

Connect Box (0:57)

Unattended Access with Code

Unattended Access with Code (1:01)

Connect Options

Connect Options (0:25)

Share my Screen

Share my Screen (0:25)

Connect via RDP/SSH

Connect via RDP/SSH (0:33)

Unattended Access

Create Groups

Create Groups (0:50)

Wake Up a Computer

Wake Up a Computer (0:34)

Save Computer Shortcut

Save Computer Shortcut (0:53)

Change Access Password

Change Access Password (0:52)

Default Tab on Your Dashboard

Default Tab on Your Dashboard (0:35)

Find (This) Computer

Find (This) Computer (0:20)

Search Computers by Tags

Search Computers by Tags (0:36)

Search by IP Address

Search by IP Address (0:40)

File Sharing

File Sharing (0:57)

Upgrade ISL AlwaysOn

Upgrade ISL AlwaysOn (0:34)

In Session

Invite an Operator

Invite an Operator (0:34)

Transfer Remote Session

Transfer Remote Session (0:42)

Transfer Files

Transfer Files (0:39)

Ways to Transfer Files

Ways to Transfer Files (0:57)

File Transfer Status

File Transfer Status (0:58)

Pause a Session

Pause a Session (0:30)

Make a Video Call

Make a Video Call (0:19)

Switch Monitors

Switch Monitors (0:25)

View Monitor in New Window

View Monitor in New Window (0:31)

Whiteboard Tools

Whiteboard Tools (0:41)

Use Keyboard Commands

Use Keyboard Commands (0:32)

Copy-Paste During a Session

Copy-Paste During a Session (0:23)

Speed vs. Quality

Speed vs. Quality (0:48)

View System Info

View System Info (0:34)

Restart and Reconnect

Restart and Reconnect (0:34)

Record a Session

Record a Session (0:36)

Force Black Screen

Force Black Screen (0:35)

Advanced View

Advanced View (0:49)

Toolbar Position

Toolbar Position (0:40)

Enable Clipboard

Enable Clipboard (0:49)

Open Log Files

Open Log Files (0:25)

Select Region

Select Region (0:33)

Switch Remote Session

Switch Remote Session (0:30)

Series of Right Clicks

Series of Right Clicks (0:47)

End of Session Notes

End of Session Notes (1:00)


View Reports

View Reports (0:57)

Computer Access History

Computer Access History (0:34)

User Management

Create a New User

Create a New User (0:53)

Set Limitations

Set Limitations (0:57)

Share Computer Groups

Share Computer Groups (0:50)

Manage License Usage

Manage License Usage (0:36)


2FA Security

2FA Security (0:57)

Make a Video Call

One Time Passwords (0:59)

Email Notifications

Email Notifications (0:55)

Local User Consent

Local User Consent (0:57)

Auto-Lock on Start

Auto-Lock on Start (0:40)

Automatic Session Recording

Automatic Session Recording (0:57)

Enable Access Filters

Enable Access Filters (0:57)

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