Non-profit organization


  • • Country: Austria
  • • Employees: 130 associations
  • • End users: 450 children’s villages

Effective Support at a Lower Cost

SOS Kinderdorf – an international child welfare organisation – decided to introduce a remote desktop control service to support remote employees.

SOS-Kinderdorf International is the umbrella organisation of more than 130 affiliated associations of national SOS Children’s Village programmes worldwide. This private and non-governmental organisation provides more than 70,000 orphaned, abandoned and destitute children with a new family and place they can call home in more than 450 SOS children’s villages and 380 SOS youth facilities.

In addition, SOS Children’s Villages support hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children and their families through various social, health care, educational and community-outreach projects, and also helps in situations of crisis and disaster through emergency relief programmes.

“SOS-Kinderdorf International opted for ISL Online as its primary remote desktop tool in order to significantly cut down on travel time and costs, yet still assure effective support to employees based outside the organisation’s headquarters,” according to the charity.

Why ISL Online

ISL Light's remote maintenance and support capabilities have helped SOS-Kinderdorf International to considerably lower their costs and increase efficiency. They are now able to troubleshoot their affiliates, who are distributed all over the world, in a quick and an efficient manner.

"ISL Light is easy to deploy, very user-friendly and simple to use, and it renders reliable connections. Even the most restrictive firewalls present no problem to ISL Light. It simply works, always and without compromising the security of the overall system. The flexible licensing options are an additional benefit," explain the SOS-Kinderdorf International representatives.

“Flawless” Compatibility

Helpdesk support employees using ISL Online give the service their vote of approval.

“We are very satisfied with ISL Online,” the charity said. It works flawlessly on almost every system we encounter. The fact that ISL Online does not require any installation on either the client’s or the operator’s side, and the fact that both the user interface and the service’s operation are very much intuitive, it can easily be used on just about any computer. And it does not matter whether it is a Windows, Mac or a Linux computer, as it works on all three operating systems.

"A connection can be established with any client in most company networks and without any problems. How to start a remote support session can be explained in a few simple words – if necessary at all." added the charity IT representative.