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Key Facts

  • • Country: Japan
  • • End users: 32,000, half of all employees of Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group
  • • Request: Fast and reliable remote support within their Intranet (VPN)

Providing remote support to over 32,000 employees across Japan and the Asia-Pacific region

Mitsubishi Chemical Systems (MCS) provides comprehensive IT technical services to 32,000 employees of about 100 companies in Japan and in overseas countries of Asia-Pacific region  that covers half of all employees of the entire Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHG). “To serve such a massive number of users efficiently and solve issues on time, a reliable and responsive remote desktop software is essential,” said Koji Okuda, Group Manager, ICT Infrastructure Division, MCS.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group
From left to right: Mr. Koji Okuda, ICT Infrastructure Division, ICT Infrastructure Division, Mitsubishi Chemical Systems Corporation, Mr. Yoshihisa Ishimoto, Mr. Ishimoto, Keizo Suzuki, the same department, Mr. Akira Kadonari, Customer Support Department

Computers running in MCHG companies are connected through MCHG Intranet using Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to secure sensitive data when connecting to remote data centres. By using VPN client software, employees connect to MCHG Intranet no matter where they are. “ISL Online allowed us to set up a dedicated server within our Intranet, so that we could use the remote desktop software for connecting smoothly and working reliably in our VPN,” Okuda explains one of the major reasons why they have decided to switch to ISL Online.

MCS has installed ISL Online Corporate Server License on their server within their VPN. “Our supporters, wherever they are, first connect to the MCHG VPN and then start the remote support session with ISL Online without adjusting any connection settings,” explains Okuda. ISL Online detects when a computer (the end-point) is connected to the Intranet through the VPN and automatically establishes a connection through a secured tunnel. “What we like about ISL Online is that the employees we support don’t need to install anything, so the software is extremely easy to use and fast to connect,” adds Okuda.

The possibility to have an insight in the remote session history was the second request MCS had. “To better manage the risk and quality of service we wanted the remote desktop solution to have a history log of all remote sessions. ISL Online provides a very nice history report with all the details we need: user name, session duration, transferred files etc. In addition, it allows automated session recording,” added Okuda.

Great price-performance compared to the previous remote desktop software

MCS first started with 10 server licenses, but soon upgraded to the Unlimited Corporate Server License, which allows MCS to run unlimited simultaneous remote desktop sessions, create ISL Online accounts for an unlimited number of supporters, offer support to an unlimited number of clients and install the software on an unlimited number of computers or mobile devices. “We offer support to a large number of end-users and the fact that ISL Online doesn’t charge us by a number of clients we support nor a number of computers we connect to was a real game changer,” Okuda points out the appealing price performance of ISL Online compared to the solution they have used previously.

Remote support on three levels

MCS has introduced ISL Online remote desktop as a standard tool on all levels of support between MCS and MCHG and within the companies of MCHG. Before that, their companies have been using multiple different remote desktop tools. “We offer remote support with ISL Online on three levels. We provide helpdesk service for employees of MCHG companies, that usually means solving everyday tech issues. That’s basic support level.” comments Okuda. As the only system integrator in the Group, MCS builds core computing systems and business applications for the companies of MCHG and provides advanced remote support for these applications. “Finally, we use ISL Online remote desktop also within the MCHG companies. We have trained their IT personnel so they can troubleshoot some of their local tech issues directly with their employees by using ISL Online,” concludes Okuda.

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Three levels of support

Mitsubishi Chemical Systems point out a few benefits

  • Standard remote desktop tool for all MCHG companies
  • Multilingual support: currently in common use are Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Different roles for operators on different levels: you can set ISL Online so it only allows desktop screen sharing, but not the control of the remote desktop
  • Multiple monitor support: there is an increasing trend of using two or more monitors, especially among IT personnel
  • Easy-to-use tool: the end user receiving support simply clicks the URL sent by the operator
  • Backward compatible: there is no need for clients to install the latest ISL Light Client

About Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group connects 708 subsidiaries which have over 69,000 employees across the whole world. Companies of this large Group provide products and services based on chemistry to help solve social and environmental issues. They operate in three main fields: Performance Products, Industrial Materials and Health Care.

About Mitsubishi Chemical Systems

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group considers IT governance as one of top priorities in order to maximise its business performance and keep the information environment safe. Mitsubishi Chemical Systems has key roles for MCHG achieve those purposes by providing standardised IT infrastructure, managing its global network, and supporting IT issues of group companies in each region through their global IT centres.