Information Technology

Key Facts

  • • Regions: Mexico
  • • Main request: Secure remote access to computers in training centers
  • • Biggest benefit: Business continuity

Grupo Mediatec (4:03)

Programs for automotive & aerospace professionals

Grupo Mediatec is a French-Mexican engineering and consulting company that provides solutions for digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and professional training programs in Mexico. It is one of the main partners of the French software corporation Dassault Systèmes in the LATAM region and a leader in Mexico in the implementation of Catia certification programs, mainly targeting professionals in the automotive and aerospace industries. Mediatec has a history of more than 20 years and is present in more than 29 states of the Mexican Republic.

Access to training centers via remote desktop

When the pandemic broke out, Grupo Mediatec had already signed contracts with its customers to provide training and certification courses. To avoid terminating these contracts, Grupo Mediatec researched the market to find a remote desktop tool that would allow professionals and academics to access computers in the training centers from their personal devices. This way, their clients could use software like Catia remotely, despite the lockdown.

Why ISL Online

Initially, Mediatec tried to resolve the situation with a video calling and content sharing tool. However, they encountered significant limitations because users could not interact directly with Dassault Systèmes' software. This prompted them to look for remote access solutions, and when they launched a trial version of ISL Online, they immediately realized it was exactly what they were looking for. With the remote access tool ISL Online, users can easily and securely connect to the training center's computers from their personal devices and work in real time with the specialized software installed on those computers.

Important benefits

Among the key benefits that the Mediatec Group has recognized following the implementation of ISL Online are the following:

  • Easy and immediate access to the training center equipment: users only need to log into a website to access the training center devices. One click of the mouse is enough to establish the connection.
  • Remote control in real time: users can interact in real time with the specialized software installed on the center's computers and have the impression of physically sitting at the remote computer.
  • Easy collaboration between users: if necessary, teachers can also connect to the remote computer where the student is working and help them solve their problems.
  • Customization of the remote desktop software: the entire user interface of the software, which provides secure remote access to the training center devices, has been personalized with Mediatec logos and colours to give all customers a consistent corporate image.