Cloud Services


  • • Country: Spain
  • • Employees: 306
  • • Users: 330,000 worldwide

More Control, Better Performance

Arsys is a leading Spanish cloud service provider, offering more than 1.5 million active services to over 330,000 customers worldwide. More than 100 highly qualified help desk technicians solve over 2,700 queries a day.

Switching to ISL Online gave the Arsys management team more control of the flow of queries, and more data insight into live chat and ticket resolution. The result: better performance by support staff and faster problem-solving for customers.

“We work hard to offer our customers the best support trying to reach ever-higher standards. In 2010 we were searching for a live chat and remote desktop provider and ISL Online offered the best price-performance services,” said Alvaro Rudíez of Arsys. Since 2010 the number of support tickets resolved through live chat has been rising constantly and it has soon reached 20% of all queries.

Why ISL Online

“We needed a professional and reliable live chat service with a possibility of starting a remote desktop session in order to connect and control a remote computer. ISL Online was by far the most convincing product with a great price-performance ratio,” says Rudíez.

Arsys has chosen a corporate server license which includes remote desktop, live chat and web conferencing software. There are no limits on the number of simultaneous sessions, operators, clients or workstations. The ISL Conference Proxy (ICP) was installed on Arsys’ proprietary server guaranteeing total independence and maximum privacy.

Making Live Chat and Remote Desktop the Top Support Channel

“While the trend of growing live chat support continues, we notice increasing importance of this particular support channel. In combination with the remote desktop tool which is included in ISL Online license, it is also one of the best performing ones. That is why we want to push this type of support to the top of our helpdesk services,” says Rudíez.

With its client portfolio and active services growing, Arsys asked ISL Online in 2014 to develop advanced features. Detailed real time reports were added to optimise live chat and remote desktop support and make better use of the statistical data gathered during the sessions. ISL Online successfully implemented all of Arsys’ requirements.

Powerful Reporting and Exporting the Data into SQL Databases

ISL Online has developed an advanced reports module for the server license, which gives Arsys a detailed overview of how the remote desktop and live chat services are being used. To measure the impact of live chat and remote desktop, Arsys can export the gathered information to any of the supported SQL databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and perform advanced calculations without burdening the production server.

One of the featured reports – the Hours of the Day report – gives Arsys an overview of the busiest hours of the day. Just a quick glance at the graph reveals that the rush hour in the selected time frame is from 12.00 – 12.59. The improved data insight allows Arsys to optimise the help desk workload and the performance of the chat agents. The result is a shorter waiting window for clients and faster ticket resolution.

Live Monitoring

ISL Online also developed a live dashboard allowing real-time monitoring of live chat activities by Arsys. With the data presented in easy-to-interpret graphs and charts, the live dashboard running on the ICP server offers a transparent view of the real-time situation and better control over the chat flow. The information displayed on the dashboard is refreshed automatically and includes:

  • The number of active chats and the number of total chats predicted for a particular day (for that day).
  • The percentage of used resources. A pie chart shows the number of active chats calculated on the maximum number of chats and the number of available supporters.
  • Chat success. A percentage shows the number of answered chats vs. the number of unanswered chats on a particular day (on that day).
  • Chat activities on a particular day (on that day). Below the live data pane, there is a list of all supporters and their activities on a particular day. By clicking on a supporter’s name, statistical information about a single supporter for that particular day will open, including also the list of chats that this supporter has answered and the chat transcript for each of his/her chats.

Integration into the Existing CRM Software

Integrating live chat service into its existing CRM software was one of Arsys’ key requests. They wanted to give visibility of the chat processes and conversations to everybody in the company. “The goal of joining support, sales and management teams was to get the maximum out of the customers’ information gathered through live chat and remote desktop sessions,” explained Rudíez.