• • Country: Italy
  • • Employees: 40
  • • End users: 20,000 bank customers
  • • 90% of all computer problems solved remotely
  • • 10% higher productivity


Remote Support

Higher Productivity, Faster Resolution for Customers

High security requirements were the reason Raiffeisen Online (ROL) decided to deploy ISL Online’s Enterprise Server Licence. The licence allows each organisation to have full independence and control over the system as all the connections are established through the company’s servers. ROL sets up around 200 sessions per month and remotely assists clients working on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

“We are very satisfied with the product we have chosen. ISL Online remote support tool ISL Light offers reliability, high speed, high quality screen sharing and session recording; the product is also extremely easy to use. And above all, ISL Online team provides outstanding support when needed!” said Dietmar Elsler of Raiffeisen Online.

Why ISL Online

ROL noticed a 10% boost to productivity after deploying ISL Online remote support compared to the tool they used before. Operators and customers were impressed with the ease of use, responsiveness and reliability of the product. Average session duration is now six minutes, while solving the same problem by phone would take at least one hour and a lot of patience on both sides.

ROL is able to solve 90% of all support tickets remotely and yearly establishes around 2,500 support sessions yearly.

Compliance Was Key

“We were using Citrix GoToAssist remote desktop support software, which was no longer acceptable as the data were not routed through our servers,” explained Elsler.

Due to very strict legislation regarding privacy in Italy, ROL network security department had to find a product with very high security specifications and great performance at the same time. After an extensive research on the Internet it turned out that ISL Online software matched ROL’s requirements.

The Future

In the near future, Raiffeisen Online is planning to take full advantage of what ISL Online license has to offer.

“We plan to set up an ISL Pronto internal chat system and start with ISL Groop online meetings, where multiple users can collaborate online through audio-video conference while sharing their screen and content. Our team is located on three different floors, so considerable amount of time would be saved this way. We are also considering the option to give our employees the possibility of working from home and connecting to their office PCs remotely by using ISL AlwaysOn,” said Elsler.