Key Facts

  • • Remote support for 6000 employees
  • • Standard remote support tool across all faculties
  • • Simplified and faster end user support
  • • Very easy to use also with less tech-savvy users
  • • Live chat as a communication channel with students
  • • Customised on-premise solution
  • • Integration with the active directory
  • • Possibility of performing administrative actions on a remote computer

ISL Online has been a life saver during the lockdown time

The University of Ljubljana, founded in 1919, is home to 23 faculties and 3 academies. It is the largest educational institution and at the same time the largest research institution in Slovenia, attended by almost 38.000 students and employing over 6000 people. When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, most of the employees had to switch to working from home practically overnight to organise lectures and exams for students online. There was a sudden need for an efficient remote support tool which would allow technicians to solve tech issues and assist employees remotely.

ISL Online would be the first product we would recommend for remote support!

Matic Nartnik, customer support manager from the University IT department
University of Ljubljana

"Without ISL Online we would not be able to help users during quarantine. With the help of ISL Online we enforced minimal contact in times when keeping a safety distance was a must," explains Matic Nartnik, customer support manager from the University IT department.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, each Faculty had their own IT support system which resulted in confusion and unreliability. By introducing ISL Online, the IT department simplified the customer support process by giving the University employees an efficient and established way of solving issues no matter who was helping them. "Our employees are very happy with how simple and reliable the product is, and they are glad we found a way to help them faster," Nartnik acknowledges the efficiency of the remote support tool and adds that "it would be the first product they would recommend".

ISL Online remains their main support tool after the lockdown.

An easy to use and reliable product with a sustainable licensing model

"Because of the specifications of our environment we had to find a supplier that offered a licensing model which suited the University’s needs best. The ISL Online team showed their best efforts to understand our needs. Their tech crew was crucial during the setup of the on-premise solution, and its integration with our active directory," Nartnik recognises the importance of a quality tech support team.

He further explains that the remote support tool of their choice had to be easy to use and offer stable use. A feature that played an important role for them was the Administrative mode which allows a user to request the administrative rights on the client's computer and invoke administrative actions, such as enable restart and resume, send CTRL+Alt+Del, reboot the system and so on.

Customised software increases trust

There are 60 operators using ISL Online across the University of Ljubljana and they usually support 50 clients per day. "We’ve only had positive feedback from both operators and users. The workflow of establishing a connection is very logical and straightforward which helps a lot when dealing with less tech-savvy users," Nartnik appreciates the ease of use. The University decided to customise the client application to bring the app closer to their end-users and make them trust the product even more.

The administrative departments of the faculties have recognised the efficiency of the live chat program included in the ISL Online license and have started using it to talk to students in a more simple and faster way.