• • Country: Belgium
  • • Employees: 250
  • • End users: 70,000 across Europe

Greater Transparency and Cost Control

Teleroute – a leading pan-European company providing innovative solutions for the transport and logistics industry – needed a more cost-effective and high-performing remote support solution.

Teleroute needed a powerful and reliable remote support tool to assist their employees across Europe and to make efficient online presentations to their customers.

ISL Online’s solution addressed Teleroute’s needs: remote desktop support, remote access to unattended computers, live chat and enterprise instant messenger, and facilities for online meetings and webinars. To fully integrate their products with Teleroute’s uniform corporate identity, ISL Online support team personalised the products’ skin and default texts.

“Now per user or per session costs have simplified the budgeting and this is much more cost efficient than the solution we used before. The service is updated frequently by ISL Online and we’re always using the latest version. All we have to do is to pay the subscription on a yearly basis,” said Raimundo Diaz, CEO of Teleroute.

Why ISL Online

“After the implementation of ISL Online software we cut the costs by at least 45% on a yearly basis. At the same time cost control has improved considerably as we are able to predict the support costs for the coming months or even years,” explained Diaz.

With ISL Online services, Teleroute solves more than 2,000 support and sales sessions per month, and besides money, it saves a lot of time as travelling becomes redundant.

“The performance and satisfaction of our employees situated in different locations have increased. They highly appreciate the ISL Online license policy that combines different products in one license and offers an overall online communication solution,” said Diaz.