Ink and toner cartridge remanufacturing


  • • Country: Mexico
  • • Employees: 400
  • • End users: 200

Exceeded Expectations

Cadtoner, the leader and largest distributor of remanufactured cartridges and printing consumables in northern Mexico, daily solves over 200 technical issues using ISL Online remote desktop software.

It’s hard to imagine a company with over 30 offices and distribution centres was using a free remote desktop solution beforehand. Obviously, they have soon stumbled upon security issues and have started to search for a professional highly secure remote support and remote access solution. Not only has ISL Online fulfilled all of their security requirements, including the two-factor authentication, it has turned out to be among the most secure remote desktop software on the market.

“We were evaluating 3 different solutions, when one of our trusted providers highly recommended ISL Online. We tested it and were more than happy with the outcome,” says Guadalupe Gaytan, IT Manager at Cadtoner.

100% reliability, also in low bandwidth environment

Operators at Cadtoner’s helpdesk use ISL Online remote desktop software to provide technical remote support, install software, configure remote systems etc. They use it in the multi-platform and low-bandwidth environment. On peak days they handle over 200 remote computers, pointing out the speed and reliability ISL Online offers.

“We are very satisfied with the ISL Online performance, it has been seamlessly working until now, I would say 100%, always with an outstanding speed,” says Gaytan and continues: “We haven’t experience a single downtime with ISL Online, the remote connection is secure and reliable.”

One of Cadtoner’s key demands was a very reliable remote access tool as they sometimes connect to remote computers and monitor them the whole day round without pausing the remote connection.

Saving 10,000 hours in three years

“Our remote support scenario often includes one operator working on multiple computers at the same time, so we are taking a great advantage of the multisession option ISL Online offers,” says Gaytan.

ISL Online has a very simple and transparent pricing system, which includes also a multisession option. It gives a user a possibility to start unlimited simultaneous remote desktop sessions from the same computer, even if they own only one licence. In Cadtoners’ use case it turned out to be an essential requirement and a very cost-effective solution.

Another feature that makes Cadtoner’s remote support and monitoring easier and more efficient is grouping. It allows their operators to organise computers in groups and share the remote access with other operators they trust.

“We estimate we have saved over 10,000 hours during three years, since we have started using ISL Online,” concludes Gaytan.

To make full use of the ISL Online license, Cadtoner is planning to start using ISL Online live chat software and offer additional efficient communication channel to their clients.