Need an Alternative to LogMeIn?

ISL Online offers everything a business needs for an efficient customer support service starting at a fifth of the LogMeIn price. Unlimited seats, users, workstations.

  LogMeIn ISL Light
Remote Support Rescue
$1,188 per year
ISL Light
Unlimited operators
Remote Access Pro
$249 per year (up to 5 computers)
ISL AlwaysOn
Unlimited computers
Live Chat BoldChat
$999 per year / agent
ISL Pronto
Unlimited chats and agents
Web Conference JoinMe
ISL Pronto
Included in a license
Mobile Applications Ignition
Included in a license
ISL Pronto
Included in a license
Price per license $2,436 per year $469 per year

What Do I Get with ONE License?

One license allows you to use all four ISL Online products

  1. Remote Support
  2. Remote Access
  3. Live Chat
  4. Web Conference
  1. You may run ISL Online software on an UNLIMITED number of computers or mobile devices.
  2. You may connect to an UNLIMITED number of computers
  3. You can create an UNLIMITED number of operators who may host a session
  4. You may connect to an UNLIMITED number of clients.

Okay, But What's the LIMIT of ONE License?

  1. N° of Licenses
    N° of Simultaneous Sessions
  2. You can start N of remote desktop OR N of web conferences (10*N participants) at the SAME time. Live chat is NOT LIMITED by number of licenses.
  3. With multisession option activated, you can start UNLIMITED simultaneous sessions from the SAME computer.

You can start remote desktop and web conference at the same time from the same or different computers as long as you don't exceed the number of your purchased licenses.

Why will you love ISL Online?

ISL Online is trusted by 150k businesses like yours. Our cloud network has a 99,9% uptime. ISL Online is easily integrated into your existing ticketing, CRM or ERP software.

  • One license. Four products.
  • Unlimited remote desktop operators.
  • Unlimited workstations.
  • Unlimited clients.
  • Mobile apps included.
  • Maximum security.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices.
  • Customisation.
  • Integration via API.
  • User management and reporting.
  • Phone, email, live chat support.
  • No hidden costs.
  1. EuroCloud
  2. AbilityNet
  3. Accenture
  4. ADP
  5. e.on
  6. Konami
  7. Mitsubishi Electric
  8. OKI
  9. Sharp
  10. CocaCola
  11. Deloitte
  12. Canon
  13. Konica Minolta
  14. IDEXX
  15. Royal College of Surgeons
  16. MF Global
  17. IBM
  18. Europcar
  19. Fujifilm
    • Pay Per Use
      Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • $145 per 500 minutes i
    • Upgrades & Updates Free
    • Subscription
      Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • $469 per license / year i
    • Upgrades & Updates Free
    • Multisession i$139 per license / year
    • Server License
      Own Server Required
    • $990 per license / lifetime i
    • Upgrades & Updates 15% per year
    • Multisession i Free

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How come quality is so affordable at ISL Online?

ISL Online doesn’t offer a free version (which is actually quite expensive to maintain) and does practically no expensive marketing. ISL Online exists simply because of its great products. Our goal is to offer a technologically superior, comprehensive service at a reasonable price. ISL Online customers are satisfied customers and very rarely decide to switch to competitive software, regardless of a large number of free remote desktop solutions on the market.

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