Over the past 10 years ISL Online has built up an extensive network of partners who help us deliver the best Enterprise Remote Desktop services to the users from all over the world. This video shows briefly how the Authorized Reseller Partnership Network works. It has been designed to inspire you to join us and help bring the exciting remote desktop software to millions of users from all industries. It should also help the existing partners to streamline the marketing and sales procedures in order to generate more leads and improve the conversion rate from trial users to paid users.

Before we begin...

Please go through the ISL Online's website, brochures, the price list, official blog and manuals. We are working hard to give all relevant information to our users. You're welcome to watch the exciting videos we've posted on the website. Reviewing this information should give you a rough idea of what ISL Online is all about. The next step is to sign up for a free trial. You should use the trial period to test the ISL Online products as it's very difficult to sell something which you do not use yourself. Using the products will also help you better understand the products, features and endless possibilities of the ISL Online technologies.

... ok, you like ISL Online products and would like to partner with us... what's next?

Buy a license. You intend to resell the licenses to thousands of customers in your country. So you should buy a license for yourself first. This is a very small investment in our partnership. To begin with, it will help you understand the online shopping procedure in the ISL Online shop. Secondly, we would like to avoid the situation where people are asking us for a partnership only to obtain a free license for their own business use. If you are serious about the partnership, you will be ready to invest a small amount of money in the license and become a paid user.

Apply for partnership

Now you are ready to apply for a partnership. Send us an email to partnership@islonline.com. Please provide some basic information about your company, your experience and a rough idea of how you plan to promote and sell the ISL Online software. We will take a close look at your request and get back to you in a few days. In some cases we might be restricted when entering into partnership due to the limitations of the existing arrangements with other partners. But in most cases, we will be happy to welcome you on board.

Types of partnerships

Basically there are 3 types of partners. Referrers, resellers and distributors.


There are almost no requirements to become an ISL Online Referrer. Once you apply, we will assign a referrer ID to your ISL Online Account. The only thing you need to do is promote the links to our official ISL Online website, which include your referrer ID. For example:

When people follow these links and sign up, your referrer ID will be added to their ISL Online Account information. You will receive notification from ISL Online when "your" user purchases an ISL Online license and you will earn a commission on the sales value.


To become a reseller, you need to show a commitment to the ISL Online business. Signing the Authorized Reseller Agreement is required to enter into partnership. Once the agreement is signed, we will assign a reseller ID to your ISL Online Account.

You should promote the links to our official ISL Online website, which include your reseller ID. For example:

We encourage you to include the above links in all your promotional materials. When people follow these links and sign up, your company will be pre-selected as a local partner of the user.

When a user completes the registration procedure, your reseller ID will be added to their ISL Online Account information. You will receive notification from ISL Online immediately after "your" user signs up. We will also grant you access to the ISL Online partner portal, where you will be able to review the information in accordance with our strict privacy policy.

Lead generation is important. However, the success of your business depends mostly on your ability to convert leads into paid users. You should be able to achieve a conversion rate of around 10% easily but you should target a conversion rate of at least 20%.

A prompt and appropriate follow-up is crucial to improving the conversion rate. You should contact "your" user as soon as they sign up for a free trial. Introduce yourself as an Authorized Reseller of ISL Online and offer additional information and support, if requested. Monitor the user's activity during a 15-day trial period and offer a trial extension, if needed. Advise the user on the appropriate type and number of licenses according to their size and other requirements. Send them a quote, collect the money and manage the purchasing procedure.

We will provide you with a Purchase Order (PO) form for the ISL Online licenses. When you receive an order from your user, please fill out the PO form and submit it by email to sales@islonline.com. Within 24 hours (usually a lot sooner) you will receive an activation key for the items ordered. This key has to be activated in your user's ISL Online account.

Your users can also purchase a license directly in our online shop (https://www.islonline.com/shop). You are entitled to a sales commission on all purchases from users with your reseller ID assigned at the time of purchase. The partner's sales commission starts at 30% and depends on your sales performance.

We recommend that you focus on online marketing activities. If you'd like to use Google Adwords to generate leads, please let us know. We run ISL Online's AdWords campaigns centrally, so partners are not bidding against each other. ISL Online is also committed to doubling your investment in AdWords. We will also provide you with other marketing materials, such as brochures, graphics, video materials, brand style guide etc.

You will need to appoint at least 1 sales manager and 1 technical person who are dedicated to our product line. We use ISL Pronto - Live Chat as the main communication channel with partners. By using ISL Pronto you will also be able to answer sales or technical inquiries from your users. You should be able to provide the first-level support to your users. ISL Online will take care of the second- and third-level support.

You will receive a partner newsletter about new technical developments and sales activities each month. To be the first to learn about new releases and other important news, you are welcome to subscribe to our Official Blog posts and follow ISL Online on Twitter.


Distribution agreements are only available to partners who we work with successfully for a long period of time and have proven sales records. A higher degree of commitment and significant investment in the partnership are required of distributors.


ISL Online has been one of the global key players in the Enterprise Remote Desktop industry for over 10 years, delivering the best remote support, remote access, live chat and web conference software to the business users around the world. Over 10,000,000 sessions yearly are established through our servers based in around 50 data centers worldwide. This would not be possible without our partners. Thank you! We are looking forward to the challenges ahead of us and will be happy to share the joy of success with you.

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