Oil & Gas distribution


  • • 45% market share in Colombia
  • • More than 2,000 service stations
  • • Presence in 7 Latin American countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Dominican Republic

High Expectations and Improved Performance

Terpel – the leading distributor of oil and gas in Colombia – came to ISL Online needing a fast, reliable remote desktop solution and with high hopes of boosting team productivity.

Terpel provides remote assistance 24/7 running more than 1,500 remote sessions every day. The company’s IT infrastructure consists of several thousand computers that need to be accessed anytime, not only in Colombia but also in other Latin American countries.

"We required a high number of remote desktop sessions, and the previous support tool didn’t respond very well in peak hours. It worked slowly and we experienced several issues with connectivity. Furthermore, our productivity considerably decreased due to these factors,” said Carlos Benavides, Support IT Manager at Terpel.

"They picked ISL Online after challenging the best in the remote desktop market with a three-stage test."

“The remote desktop solution we needed had to meet three essential requirements; It needed to be fast and reliable, user-friendly and intuitive, while it also had to comply with our strict security protocols. It didn’t take long to decide in favour of ISL Online,” Benavides added.

Why ISL Online

Terpel needed a solution that would fit their multiple support team environment and guarantee a seamless service when running a high number of remote desktop connections simultaneously.

To provide privacy and full independence, they also needed to install a remote desktop solution on their own server. Terpel switched to the ISL Online Corporate Server License.

“When we were told about the ISL Online Corporate License, we soon realised that was what we needed. The Corporate License does not limit the number of users and workstations, and allows us to run simultaneous active connections, maintaining the same impressive performance of the remote support tool,” said Benavides.

ISL Online has developed an advanced reports module for the Server License, which gives Terpel a detailed overview of how the remote desktop software is being used. To measure the impact of remote desktop services, Terpel can export data and perform advanced calculations. The bundle of available reports allows Terpel`s managers to optimise the help-desk workload which results in benefits such as a shorter waiting window for clients and faster ticket resolution.

How Terpel Benefits from ISL Online

Terpel has a standardised remote desktop tool for all offices across Latin America, which has resulted in optimising support costs and increasing the customer satisfaction.

“We are very happy with the support tool and have already received a positive feedback from our customers. ISL Light even allows us to provide support to certain regions where Internet bandwidth is very poor. Now we are able to provide full support throughout the country, and support customers who we could not reach before,” said Benavides.

Terpel also deployed ISL Online’s Branded Access Point. The branded access point is a simple custom-made website, used by the support operators as a perfect starting point for most of the remote sessions. ISL Online helped Terpel to customise a graphical user interface of the remote desktop support software to the look and feel of Terpel's corporate image.

The Terpel team quickly became accustomed to the new support solution, highlighting its speed, versatility and simplicity. The fact that ISL Online supports all major operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), as well as mobile devices platforms (Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile) brings an added value to their support operations on a daily basis.