Steel Industry

Key Facts

  • • Regions: 33 cities in Colombia
  • • Main request: Control and management of remote support
  • • Biggest benefit: Faster response times, costs saving and higher user satisfaction

G&J (4:44)

Steel Companies G&J Group are a family-owned organization founded in 1970, and are dedicated to processing steel for hardware equipment in industries such as construction and agriculture. Nowadays, G&J is the largest network of steel companies in Colombia, having a presence in 33 cities nationally, and 42 points of sale. The values that distinguish the company in the market are: attention to customers, professional services and high quality products.

Before the introduction of ISL Online, G&J used multiple different software tools for technical support, some of them free, others licensed. One of the main problems that the analysts and technicians faced on a daily basis was the enormous difficulty that users had in attending support sessions, and taking the necessary actions within their teams to resolve incidents. In addition, the company was in the process of strengthening its security policies, and all software tools needed to be aligned with this purpose.

"The biggest challenge was to manage all 33 business units spread throughout Colombia from the headquarters in Bogota, and to comply with our security policies in all processes," confirms Nelson Garcia, the helpdesk coordinator of the G&J steel group.

In search of better helpdesk software

Consolidating a remote support software tool was a decision that has greatly helped the company. Now, the helpdesk team has centralized management of all operations and has been able to standardize all support processes. In addition, sessions are much more secure, as administrator passwords are never visible to any user and technicians can work without interruptions.

"Before ISL Online, we used other software tools, but we were looking for different alternatives on the market to meet the specific needs of our company. One of the main difficulties was to avoid sharing administrator passwords when installing software or rebooting the computer remotely," explains Nelson García.

On the other hand, ISL Online not only adds value to the helpdesk support, but also to the cybersecurity team, as it is now able to monitor every connection, generate data and automatically record all sessions.

"As we became familiar with ISL Online, we discovered some features we might not have initially considered," adds Nelson.

In addition, a key requirement of G&J was to customize ISL Online to its own CPD and have the highest level of privacy and control over all data.

"We have the software tool in on-premises mode and were surprised at how easy and quick the implementation process was. Also, the installation of the agent in the user groups went by without any obstacles."

Reduction in resolution times decreases costs

Both better operational efficiency and maintenance of all processes are essential in manufacturing our products and managing their lifecycle. In this sense, ISL Online plays a very important role, as remote support helps the company to minimize the time of process interruption, and to maintain the entire technological infrastructure.

"The remote support tool,ISL Online, is the preferred working tool of our helpdesk, which minimizes the time and also the potential problems with the customers. Based on the feedback from all of our agents, we can confirm that the implementation of this tool has been absolutely worth it."

Finally, the collaboration between the different support levels has also helped G&J to significantly reduce support times and increase users' satisfaction with the helpdesk.

"The software tool has had a positive impact on the management that is done on a daily basis. Right now we have two levels of support, and before we were struggling because we could not stay connected with a first level analyst and a second level technician within the same support session. Now we can do this and it has helped us reduce time and improve customers' satisfaction," concludes Nelson.