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Meet strict security requirements, plus enjoy privacy and full independence by installing ISL Online on your server(s). All remote connections are then established through the server(s) in your company, keeping all data such as user information or session history in a closed corporate environment.

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Installation and Configuration

To use a self-hosted remote control system you need to install and configure ISL Conference Proxy (ICP) on a server in your company. ICP is a back-end server application which privately hosts your desktop sharing, live chat and web conferencing sessions.

  • Remote Support


    Install the server application ISL Conference Proxy on a server in your company.

  • Remote Support


    Configure the ISL Online server to fit in your system, firewall and other security settings, add users and define their rights.

  • Remote Support


    Start connecting to remote computers and mobile devices, organising web meetings, and chatting with online visitors.

How to Install ISL Online Server

To set up your own ISL Online remote desktop server you need to have:

  • Windows or Linux server (recommended not to share IIS or Apache server)
    ISL Conference Proxy - Server Requirements
  • Free public IP on your router
  • Administratior to install the software and configure the firewall

Local Area Network (LAN)

If you plan to use ISL Conference Proxy within your LAN (intranet) only, there is no need for a public IP address; you only need a private address.

Reverse Proxy

If you plan to position the server behind an existing enterprise network security device such as F5 or a similar reverse proxy, please refer to the Reverse Proxy Manual.

Customize it

Fit ISL Online remote desktop software into your corporate image by customizing its skin, texts, and logo, while also branding the "Join a Session" webpage for end-users.

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Open Firewall Ports or Configure Your Enterprise Security Device

Because ISL Online software automatically initiates an OUTGOING connection from an internal or remote network to your server, it always works with the existing firewall configuration on the side of operators and clients.

However, in order to enable connections to your server, you need to open ports 7615, 80 and 443 in your firewall. Alternatively, you are welcome to configure your existing enterprise network security device such as F5 or similar reverse proxy.

More on Port 7615 Remote Desktop Architecture: Server License

Responsive Design

The “Join a Session” page works perfectly on all devices as its new responsive design enables it to stretch and seamlessly adjust to fit the user’s screen, and therefore provide the highest quality experience possible. It works without a hitch on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Responsive Design
Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Those wanting to join a session from a mobile device can simply click on the invitation link. The system automatically recognises the user's device and offers an appropriate mobile application from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

Use Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenLDAP or RADIUS

To manage users centrally, use external authentication, such as Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, OpenLDAP or RADIUS.

External Authentication

Maximum Security Since 2003

ISL Online Enterprise Remote Desktop software comes with strong built-in security mechanisms, while multiple independent security audits and penetration tests have revealed that ISL Online is a generally trustworthy service and provides a strong level of security. Our remote desktop security policy in short: industry-standard (SSL) security technologies are used to protect data transfer; RSA 1024-Bit Public / Private Key Exchange is used to negotiate symmetrical AES 256-Bit end-to-end encryption.

Security Statement
  • Banks and Governments

    Institutions with the best security standards, such as banks, government and insurance companies, have been using ISL Online software for years.

  • Strongest Encryption

    AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption protects top secret information and has a higher security level than many online banking services.

  • Customer Protection

    A customer can revoke control from a technician or terminate a support session at any time.

  • Unique Session Code

    Once you close a support session, the code becomes obsolete and can never be used again.

Integrate Remote Support with Your Ticketing System or CRM

ISL Online helps you build a customer support service to be proud of! ISL Online enables you to integrate remote desktop and live chat technologies with leading third-party solutions via API (Application Programming Interface). We have successfully completed countless customisation projects and OEM integration into service desk solutions, issue ticketing systems, ERP, CRM, etc.

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Choose the Solution That's Right for You

ISL Online helps support teams of all sizes improve business performance by enabling secure, controlled remote support to nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world.

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    • 1 simultaneous session / lifetime
    • Private Box
    • $27,720
    • Unlimited simultaneous sessions / lifetime
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