Desktop Sharing

View and fully control your client's remote desktop or share your desktop with the remote user.

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File Transfer

Transfer files between computers in seconds through drag & drop, file manager, or the SendTo shortcut.


Access any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and control the remote desktop from your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, or provide remote support to mobile device users from your computer.

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Session Recording

Record remote desktop sessions for later playback with ISL Player. Improve staff training and remote support security with the help of session recordings.

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Firewall Friendly

Make every remote desktop connection seamlessly through any firewall without compromising your security.

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Chat, VoIP & Video

Communicate with your client during a remote support session through live chat, VoIP audio and video communication.

User Management

Use an external authentication, such as OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or RADIUS to manage users centrally.

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Make data-driven decisions on staffing, supervisory and administrative goals based on ISL Online’s powerful reporting.

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Copy this source code and paste it into your website to let your clients join a remote support session directly from there.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div class="isl-connect-form">
	<form id="isl-connect-form" action="#" method="get" onsubmit="return isl_connect();">
			<legend>Enter your session code and click Connect</legend>
				<label for="isl-code-field">Session code</label>
				<input type="text" name="code" id="isl-code-field" value="" />
			<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Connect" />
	<div id="isl-feedback"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
	function isl_connect() {
		var doc = document,
			f = doc.getElementById('isl-connect-form'),
			r = doc.getElementById('isl-feedback'),
			is_msie = navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE') >= 0,
			b = null;
			function (info) {
				r.className = 'isl-success';
				r.innerHTML = 'Connecting to session ' + info.getAttribute('sessionCode');
				if (is_msie) {
					r.innerHTML += ', please click the button below:<br />';
					var b = doc.createElement('input');
					b.type = 'button'; = 'join';
					b.value = 'Start';
					b.onclick = function () {
				} else {
			function (error) {
				r.className = 'isl-error';
				r.innerHTML = 'Invalid session code!';
				/* comment the line above and uncomment the line below if you wish to
				    display the error that is sent by the server */
				//r.innerHTML += error.getDescription();
		return false;

Branded Access Point

Let your clients and operators start a remote desktop connection from a custom webpage with your logo, links and colours.

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Integration via API

Integrate ISL Online remote desktop, live chat or web conferencing technologies fully with your existing solutions via API (Application Programming Interface).

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Session Transfer

Transfer active remote support sessions to other technicians.

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Remote System Information

Gather vital information about the remote system, its CPU, memory, data drives, and other crucial hardware and software information.

Administrator Rights

Work on a remote computer with administrator rights and install a new piece of software, restart it, switch users, and have complete control over it.

  • Switch User
  • Reboot and Reconnect
  • Send Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Log Off

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Desktop as Whiteboard

Use a shared screen as an online whiteboard and make your team collaboration over the web easier.

  • Pointer Tool
  • Marker Tool
  • Eraser

Multi-Monitor Support

Easily control remote computers with multiple monitors. View them side by side or toggle between the remote displays while showing only one.

Remote Printing

Share a printer and print a local document on the remote printer, or print the remote documents on your local printer.

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Collect extremely valuable information on what your clients think of your remote support service and get suggestions for improvement.

Maximum Security

ISL Online guarantees maximum security with top industry-standard security technologies: AES 256 Bit End-to-end Encryption.

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Multiple Language Support

Choose from more than 30 interface translations and perform remote desktop support in your client's local language.

Cross-Platform Remote Support

Perform efficient technical assistance from all major platforms and devices.

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