Access Any Remote Computer or Mobile Device

Securely manage computers, files and apps via Internet.

How it Works

  • Remote Access

    Set Unattended Access

    Install ISL AlwaysOn on any Windows or Mac computer to enable remote access.

  • Remote Access

    Access Remote Computer

    Run ISL Light 4 for Windows, Mac or Linux and access any remote computer from your list.

  • Remote Desktop

    Control Remote Desktop

    Securely control and manage remote computer or exchange files.

Video Tutorials

Unattended Remote Access

Access computers and servers remotely from anywhere anytime without actually being there.

Video Tutorial

Unlimited File Sharing

Download, edit and upload shared files from anywhere without accessing the remote computer.

Video Tutorial

Firewall Friendly

Make every remote desktop connection seamlessly through any firewall without compromising your security.

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Access and control any remote computer from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. Or connect from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to a mobile device running Android to troubleshoot problems, setup the device or manage the data.


Keep your remote computers and devices organised and easily recognised with name tags.

Wake on LAN

Access a remote computer even if it's turned off or in hibernation or standby mode.


Have a detailed overview of which remote user has been accessing your computer and when.

Remote System Information

Gather vital information about the remote system, its CPU, memory, data drives, and other crucial hardware and software information.

Bulk Actions

Make your life easier by managing multiple remote devices at once. Shut down the selected remote devices with a single command, change their access password, get their system information, or upgrade ISL AlwaysOn.

Administrator Rights

Work on a remote computer with administrator rights and install a new piece of software, restart it, switch the users, and have complete control over it.

  • Switch User
  • Reboot and Reconnect
  • Send Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Log Off

Email Notifications

Get a notification whenever one of your assigned remote users accesses your computer.

One-Time Access Passwords

Create multiple one-time passwords, different from your private access password, and give them to other people with access rights to your computer.

Multi-Monitor Support

Easily control remote computers with multiple monitors. View them side by side or toggle between the remote displays while showing only one.

Sharing Computer with Groups

Share the rights to access remote computers with fellow technicians and easily administer remote devices together.

Maximum Security

ISL Online guarantees maximum security with top industry-standard security technologies: AES 256 Bit End-to-end Encryption.

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Multiple Language Support

Choose from more than 30 interface translations and perform remote computer access in your local language.

Cross-Platform Remote Access

Access a remote computer from all major platforms and devices.

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