Session Transfer for Easier Remote Support

New feature in ISL Light enables operators to simply transfer remote support sessions from one to another.

Invite another technician to take over an on-going remote support case or pause to resume it on another computer.

How to transfer a session to another technician:

  1. Start a remote desktop session with ISL Light.
  2. Open Tools in the ISL View window or right click on the settings button in ISL Light Desk.
  1. Select 'Session Transfer'.
  2. 'Send' an email invitation to another technician.
  3. Your fellow technician takes over the session by clicking the attached link.
  4. The session closes on your side. To resume the transferred session, log into your ISL Online Account..
Upgrading to new ISL Light:
  • Server License users: extend your support service to gain access to all ISL Online updates.
  • SaaS users: no worries just continue using the always up-to-date software. If you are using a downloaded application, make sure that it's the newest - download ISL Light.
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