ISL Online Launches Remote Desktop for Android

ISL Light remote desktop now available for Android devices on Google Play.

20th June, 2012. ISL Online, one of the leading providers of remote desktop and web conferencing software, has unveiled ISL Light Android, an application enabling ad-hoc remote support and remote access from Android smart phones and tablets. Available for free on Google Play, Android app allows users to control a remote computer running on Windows, Mac and Linux from anywhere.

ISL Light for Android

ISL Light Android is highly secure remote desktop software for Android devices and provides a user-friendly access tool for anyone that needs to be in touch with their remote desktop environments, at home or at the office, at any time. Perfect for computer-dependent employees, it can enhance their business productivity whether at work or outside the office.

Same as remote desktop for iPhone and iPad, previously introduced by ISL Online, ISL Light Android too is reliable and very easy to use. As shown in a short video presentation of ISL Light Android, the user downloads the app from Google Play, creates their account in a single step by only providing their email address, and can instantly connect to a remote computer and offer technical support. To access unattended remote computers the user needs to add them to his/her remote computers list by running the access link on selected remote computers.

Key features of ISL Light Android are:

  • Connecting to a remote computer even behind a firewall
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Screen resolution adjusted automatically
  • The keyboard and mouse remotely controlled
  • Android gestures including pinch and pan zoom navigation
  • Rebooting a remote computer and resuming the session
  • ISSC Turbo Desktop Sharing
  • Secure remote desktop encrypted by symmetrical AES 256 Bit SSL
  • Full remote keyboard
  • Special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Windows® and function keys
  • Sending Ctrl+Alt+Del to a remote computer
  • A switch between the left and right mouse click

ISL Light Android supports devices running the Android OS 2.2 Froyo or later.

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