ISL Online Launches ISL Light iOS 2

26th March, 2012. ISL Online, one of the world’s leading providers of remote control and web conferencing tools, has released today ISL Light iOS 2.0, the second generation of its simple and fast remote desktop support and access app for iPad and iPhone. The new mobile app, available for free on the App Store, surprises with extremely fast desktop sharing and redesigned graphical user interface and is fully ready to be used on the new iPad, which recently entered the global market.

Upgrading the rich set of existing remote support and access features, improving significantly its performance and supporting the new iPad’s Retina Display, ISL Light iOS 2.0 offers a great user experience. Besides technical improvements that guarantee really fast and reliable desktop sharing, controlling a remote computer from an iPad or iPhone has become much easier with the new intuitive graphical interface.

“System administrators who have adopted the benefits of accessing remote computers from mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone, will welcome the implementation of a fully functional remote keyboard which now includes all the keys of a traditional keyboard and allows enhanced remote work to most demanding users,” explains a member of ISL Online’s development team.

What is new in the ISL Light iOS 2.0:

  • Redesigned user experience
  • Retina display support
  • Improved performance
  • Mouse modes (locked mouse, free mouse)
  • Full remote keyboard
  • SMS invitations to a remote session start
  • Active/inactive session detection

All iPad and iPhone owners can download ISL Light iOS 2.0 from the App Store for free and access or support any remote computer from wherever they are.

New ISL Online users

isl light ios sign up
New user sign-up process

After downloading and starting the app, new users should click on the action button in the right upper corner of the iOS device and sign up for an ISL Online free trial (please see the picture above). The sign-up procedure is simple and fast, the user needs to provide his/her email address and choose a password. No credit card is required.

Additional information about ISL Light iOS 2.0:

isl light ios qr Availability: App Store

isl light ios video Video: ISL Light iOS 2.0

Complete release info

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