Enhanced online teamwork with ISL Groop web conference

ISL Online, the developer of online collaboration and remote support software, released the new version of its web meeting and webinar solution, ISL Groop 2.3. The updated version brings faster and better quality live screen sharing and allows advanced teamwork to the users of the web conference. Free trial of ISL Groop is available at ISL Online website.


If ISL Online paid more attention to optimizing sound streaming in previous updates, the newest update focuses on another key feature of the web conferencing software, which is live desktop and application sharing. The feature in focus has been improved technically as well as from the user experience perspective. It allows users to select live content they want to share with others more intuitively making live content sharing a better alternative to static content sharing like imported PowerPoint slides or screen clipping. "Although there are several options to share content with other web meeting participants, users usually chose to share an application. That's why we have simplified its selection in the latest version. The software recognizes an open application, highlights it and suggests it for sharing, " explain ISL Groop developers.

Screen sharing with numerous participants in a webinar

Among the first to test the new technology was one of the leading IT magazines in Slovenia, Computing News (Racunalniške novice) which held a webinar using ISL Groop 2.3. More than 100 web visitors joined the session through a simple online registration and listened to a 90-minute video lecture with the presenter sharing his live screen. "The webinar progressed smoothly, including the planning part, participants' registration and its performance. We received a very positive feedback, so we are planning to continue with such webinars and expect more and more online visitors to join us, "says Mitja Pritržnik from Computing News.

Also for lower bandwidth networks

The latest ISL Groop works also in networks with lower bandwidth. The new mechanism for quality of service and bandwidth management auto-detects the Internet connection speed of a single user and adapts sound and video streaming accordingly.

With the 2.3 version ISL Online concludes the development of the ISL Groop second generation, achieving their aim to fine-tune technical performance of online meetings. The third generation will be all about optimizing the graphical user interface and the user experience as a whole.

ISL Groop 2.3 videoconference is available for a free trial. The complete release documentation is available at ISL Online website.

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