Improve Your Customer Support via Live Chat

Answer sales inquiries or provide technical support to your website visitors.

How it Works

  • Live Chat

    Add Live Chat to Your Website

    Simply embed a live chat button on your website and deploy ISL Pronto for Windows, Mac or Linux to your team members.

  • Live Chat

    Chat with Your Website Visitors

    Engage your visitors or offer real-time technical support via remote desktop control.

Video Tutorials

Adding Live Chat to Any Website

All you need to do is add a few lines of HTML/JavaScript code to your website source code. The live chat button, which appears on your website, allows instant real-time communication between your website visitors and your sales and support staff.

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Real-Time Customer Support

Quickly embedded on your website, ISL Online will create a live support channel for your website visitors. They will simply click on the 'LiveChat' button to instantly start online communication with your personnel.

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Enterprise Instant Messaging

Improve internal communication and encourage well-connected teams by means of secure live chatting, audio and video conferencing, and desktop sharing within managed groups.

Remote Desktop via Live Chat

Start a remote desktop session from a web-chat and take control of your customer’s desktop to offer efficient technical assistance or show your desktop for an online sales presentation.

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HTML / AJAX Client

Your website visitors and customers can start a chat without downloading or installing anything.

Integration via API

Integrate ISL Online remote desktop, live chat or web conferencing technologies fully with your existing solutions via API (Application Programming Interface).

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Branded Chat Window

Tailor your live chat software to match your company branding. Customise the chat window, design your own click-to-chat button, and more.

Online / Offline Mode

Display the online status of your web chat service and offer an email alternative when it’s offline.

Operator Presence Status

The presence status of each operator is displayed beside their name telling you if they are available or not.

Canned Responses

Increase productivity and speed up conversations by inserting commonly used answers saved during previous chats. Canned responses pop-up as operators type and allow one-click answers.

Chat Transfer

Transfer chats from one operator to another or invite other operators to help you answer demanding questions.

File Transfer

Exchange files with online visitors by simply dragging and dropping them into the user interface.


See how your chat agents are performing and make data-driven decisions based on detailed metrics of the volume of live chats, its weekly, daily and hourly changes, and their duration.

Private Messages

Operators can exchange private messages invisible to the visitor as to find the right answer to sometimes demanding questions as quickly as possible.

Chat History

All past sessions are automatically saved, giving you the possibility of easily accessing your chat history, including your private operator-to-operator conversations.

Client’s Info

Check basic information about the visitors such as their location, the current web page, and the web browser they are using, and impress them with resourceful answers.

Read Visitor's Mind

Read the text your online visitor is typing before even sending it over, and prepare your answers in advance. Make your customer support fast and convincing.


Wrap up online chats nicely, and above all, effectively. Surveys can help you collect extremely valuable information on what end-users think of your live help desk service, and get suggestions for improvement.

User Management

Use an external authentication, such as OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or RADIUS to manage users centrally.

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Filter Users

Sort operators into groups by applying one or more filters to each person and thus allow chat requests to be routed to specific departments like sales, technical support, product training, and to specific countries if you have an international customer service.

Maximum Security

ISL Online guarantees maximum security with top industry-standard security technologies: AES 256 Bit End-to-end Encryption.

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Multiple Language Support

Use the live chat software in your local language as ISL Pronto offers translations into 30+ world languages.

Cross-Platform Live Chat

Provide live customer support service from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

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