Brand Assets

The ISL Online core brand message and attributes are carried through all mediums of communications through the intelligent use of colour, typography, and other ISL Online brand elements.

Logo guidelines

The colour version of the logo is ideally used on black backgrounds for the best impact.

ISL Logo

Download png or eps.

ISL Logo

Download png or eps.


Our typeface is Myriad Pro

Headline 1 is Myriad Pro Bold

Headline 2 is Myriad Pro Regular

Bodytext is Myriad Pro Regular

Brand Colours

These are ISL Online’s brand colours. Copy the colour codes below or download the ASE file.

Download ASE.


ISL Online are two words. Capitalize the ISL and the O.

Remote Support Button For Your Website

In scenarios when your client needs to download the client application manually, e.g. when upgrading your phone conversation with remote desktop, it is best to have the client application easily available on your website.

Add a link to the latest ISL Light Client application to your website:

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