Who is ISL Online?

ISL Online software enables over 150,000 businesses to hold 10 million remote assistance and maintenance sessions, live chats and online meetings in 30+ languages every year. ISL Online is also a UK and Slovenia based team of 100+ eager individuals, addicted to coffee and sports, who are always looking for new and innovative ways to impress users.

  • 150,000 businesses
  • 10 million sessions per year
  • 30+ GUI languages
  • 370 coffees per week
  • 28+ software updates per year

One License, Four Products

ISL Online software is licensed per active connection. A license lets you use all ISL Online products – remote support, access, live chat and online meeting software applications with all associated mobile apps, whereas it limits the number of simultaneous (active) sessions to the number of purchased licenses.

Pioneers of the Remote Desktop Industry

ISL Online was founded in 2001 in the Technology Park of Ljubljana, where the initial version of the ISL ("Internet Services Layer") software application was developed. Today, ISL Online offers one of the most technologically advanced remote desktop, live chat and web conferencing software solutions for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.

1999 April Research of the Remote Desktop Technology
2001 September Company founded in the Technology Park
2003 October ISL Light 1.0
2004 March Sales picks up in Europe
2005 March Cloud-based network
ISL Light 2.0
2005 May EU Gateway to Japan
2006 October ISL Light 3.0
2007 March Windows Vista compatible
2009 July Best Remote Desktop Software in c‘t Magazine Test
2010 June Cross-Platform Remote Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)
2011 September 10th Birthday
2011 November Teamhangout
2012 Dec 99.99% SaaS Uptime
2013 Present

ISL Online Cloud Network

ISL Online SaaS is based on cloud computing technologies, hosted by more than 50 data centres around the world. Sessions can include anything from desktop sharing, live chat to web conferencing and always work with optimal speed and performance.


A self-hosted alternative to SaaS is our new cloud-based offering called Remote Desktop Appliance, which can be upgraded to a Corporate Private Cloud.

Network Uptime Status

Assuring 24/7/365 availability and reliability of our services is our top priority. That is why our uptime has averaged 99.96% the past 5 years and even increased to 99.99% in 2012. We aim to do even better this year!

ISL Network Uptime


More than 150,000 businesses use ISL Online products on a daily basis creating together over 10 million remote desktop support, access, live chat and online meeting sessions each year.

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